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Brigsteer man vows to free Cumbria and Lancs’ SMEs from the owners’ trap


Business Doctors, the national support service for small and medium-sized businesses, has opened a brand new operation for Westmorland and Lancashire.

Describing its offer as ‘somewhere in between consultancy and coaching’, the company provides hands on support to owners of SMEs in every sector.

The new office will be headed up by former FMCG director Steve Howard, who lives in Brigsteer.

As part of the fast growing national Business Doctors network, Steve will now provide next level growth support to owners of small businesses of all kinds.

With a range of expertise from general management, to operations, supply chain, logistics, production and sales and marketing, Steve will now use his skills and experience to help the owners of the region’s small and medium sized firms realise their ambitions.

The self-confessed business junkie said: “I just enjoy business. I love doing business, talking to people about business and I read all the business press in my spare time. It’s what interests and motivates me”.

“Part of being a business junkie,” he said, “is having my finger on the pulse. I can bring both intelligent, practical ideas and implementation strategy to small and medium sized businesses, operating as a hands on team member rather than a consultant.

“I am all too aware of the expression ‘consultants steal your watch and then tell you the time’.

“This couldn’t be further from my approach. As part of the Business Doctors network, I work with and alongside the owners of SMEs to help them to develop and grow their business. With me it’s definitely not about telling: it’s all about doing”.

Rod Davies, Business Doctors’ co-founder, said: “I am confident that Steve will be able to use his experience to transform the fortunes of small and medium sized enterprises around Westmorland, Lancashire and beyond.

“He shares my belief that SMEs need hands on, practical support and not just consultancy. Business Doctors offers an affordable and jargon free middle ground between coaching and consultancy and Steve is well placed to deliver this service to an exceptional standard.”