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Genesis Homes embraces virtual reality amid calls for Cumbrian companies to adopt the technology


The long summer of 2018 saw the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership pushing for local businesses to embrace virtual reality (VR) technology.

Penrith-based Genesis Homes has already drawn praise for its innovative use of immersive VR in its marketing.

Joe Broomfield, Rural and Visitor Economy lead for Cumbria LEP, praised Genesis Homes, saying: “The use of virtual reality by Genesis Homes is a great example of how innovative Cumbrian businesses can take advantage of the opportunities that VR offers to showcase their products, services, and the region’s fantastic natural assets and landscapes.”

Liam Jackson, Marketing Executive at Genesis Homes, said: “The VR really highlights how beautifully our developments work with their surrounding environment, and how all our different house designs work together to create a neighbourhood atmosphere. It seems like we’re using it practically every day now.”

Genesis Homes’ innovative campaign involved developing an immersive VR simulation of their St Cuthbert’s site in Wigton. The simulation, designed by Cumbrian firm Jabster, integrates design sketches and floorplans, photographs and maps, computer generated streetscapes and models, and even stunning watercolour paintings of the house designs from artist Peter Phillips.

Genesis Homes is now using VR across several areas of the business, from navigating the early stages of planning, to showcasing finished homes and neighbourhoods.  It will also soon be launching a VR experience for its new St Bridget’s development in Brigham. To find out more about Genesis Homes and its use of VR