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Park up, plug in and chill out

Royal Hotel

Guests with electric cars can now park up, plug in and chill out at a range of venues throughout the North West owned by the James’ Places hospitality group, including the Royal Hotel at Kirkby Lonsdale.

James’ Places has long had electric charging points for servicing delivery vehicles from the group’s Bowland Brewery, but now the facility is available for guests at a number of venues.

Said Damian Atkins, manager of The Royal Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale: “Increasing numbers of our customers are driving electric vehicles so it made sense to provide them with a charging point. A relaxing visit to our hotel, whether it’s overnight or for an evening meal, Sunday lunch or afternoon tea offers electric motorists the chance to pull up, plug in and chill out.”

The charging facility is also offered at the Shireburn Arms at Hurst Green, Waddington Arms at Waddington and Clitheroe’s Holmes Mill, which the group’s Beer Hall, Bowland Food Hall, Bowland Brewery and 1823 Spinning Block Hotel call home.

Charging at the venues costs £1 for an hour at 7kW. Elsewhere, drivers of electric cars can expect to pay anything up to around £6.50 for a 30 minute boost at a motorway service station public charging point.

The Royal Hotel and the Shireburn Arms are part of the James’ Places group of hotels, inns, interior design and hospitality businesses across the Ribble Valley, Yorkshire Dales and South Lakes, all different yet sharing the same service values and ethos.